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Onboarding and
training employees

Use Learnifier to build your own onboarding – or preboarding – program to inform and engage new hires. Whether you work with HR or L&D you need a tool that enables you to connect and convert excitement to productivity early on.


Customer & Partner
onboarding and training

Easily build a digital onboarding training and ensure your customer or partners succeed fast. Many products need a walk-through and structured process. Elevate your customers’ knowledge while onboarding them with less effort.



Meet today’s learners with online courses or training that offers blended learning. Use Learnifier to easily build digital training programs and start growing your business with conveniently delivered learning experiences.


The tool
that makes our users go…

All training programs work flawlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. In fact, we designed the tool with a mobile-first approach. Meet your learners on their preferred device and just focus on delivering outstanding content.

Set your course communications on auto-pilot. Say good-bye to time-consuming admin tasks. Simply customize your triggers to drip content and ensure higher course completion rates among your learners.

Build your online course in minutes with easy drag-n-drop features. With just a few clicks anyone in your organization can turn their knowledge into powerful learning. It should be that simple. So, we designed it that way.

  • Works
    on any device
  • Anyone
    can create
  • Automate the boring stuff
”Getting started with Learnifier was fast and easy. We started building our new onboarding program early January and launched in March.” - Nicole Öhrn
HR Specialist Learning & Development
”With Learnifier we are reaching more people, or rather more people can reach us. It means less travel, more autonomy, and more revenue.” - Jens Edgren
CEO and Solution Selling Expert
”Nowadays most new hires don’t want to wait to deepen their knowledge of your company. This way, our new employees become brand ambassadors even before they actually start working.” - Dan Sjöholm


5 reasons why your organization should offer digital Onboarding (and Preboarding)

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The Preboarding Checklist: How to excite, engage, and prepare your new hire before Day 1

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7 TIPS: The ultimate guide to digital Onboarding

Så ökar du produktiviteten från dag 1 på ett enklare och mer effektivt sätt (och uppnår hållbart engagemang).
Lär dig hur din lyckade rekrytering blir produktiv och engagerad redan första dagen.


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