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Learnifier is the leading learning platform in the Nordics. A dynamic tool for going digital with your knowledge.

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Struggling to keep up with the competition? Sick of learning things the hard way? Had it with time-consuming administration?

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Learning becomes so much more fun and effective when there are no disturbing elements to break concentration. And the faster people learn, the faster your business grows. Learnifier – designed with a mobile-first approach – ensures that all your tailored training programs work flawlessly on any given device. A must to keep your learners’ spirit up.

Freeing time is the perhaps biggest challenge for any business looking to evolve, expand or educate. After all, there are just so many hours in the day. The ability to automate dull and tiring administration is truly one of the greatest digital benefits. Exploring Learnifier, you will soon realize that automation can be applied to the creative side of your offering as well.

Using Learnifier’s unique set of drag-n-drop features, you can build a detailed online course or create an interactive product presentation in a matter of minutes. Break free from isolated teams and allow your entire organization to transform their expertise into powerful learning with just a few clicks. Sharing knowledge should be that simple. So, we made sure it is.

  • Modernize your message
  • Automate your admin
  • Streamline your skillset
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”We realized that we needed to build a proper digital onboarding platform where new employees could quickly get into the job and start delivering wonderful guest experiences. Today we have that in Learnifier.” - Johanna Hagström
HR Manager, Pinchos
”We have now been able to gather and clarify content that was previously scattered. Participants can now complete training when it suits them. They can divide up the training and go through several activities and modules at their own pace. ” - Erica Kron-Owen
HR Business Partner, SDWorx


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