Lifelong learning is imperative

We are passionate about learning and absolutely love being part of the tech revolution that is changing how, when, and from whom we learn – even how we think of learning. As technology is growing exponentially it’s getting tougher to foresee which jobs and competence are needed.

Learnability and agility are key “skills”. This gets us even more excited about our ambition: to change the way companies learn and develop – and deliver a powerful tool that empowers people to learn, share, and create.

Teaching is learning at its best

We believe that the best way to learn is to teach. And that’s why collaboration, sharing, and interaction is such a big part of what we’ve built.

We know from research that Learning-by-teaching just gives better understanding and knowledge retention. On top, it is through dialogue we are all challenged in the way we think and actively use what we learned. Basically, we want all learning organizations to embrace learnability and enjoy tools that easily make anyone become “instructor” or trainer.

The other end of complexity

We absolutely love to make complex stuff simple. More specifically; simple in powerful way. Trust us on this when we say; it is not as easy as it sounds – or looks for that matter. As much as that makes us a proud agile team, we don’t stop there.

We are constantly pushing our ideas and adjusting our product roadmap together with the best partners in the world: Our customers. We believe that the more we blend vision with practice, the better solutions we create.

People (still) love people

In this tech world of gadgets, apps, and digitization, face-to-face interaction means the world to many. Yes, AI and AR are bedazzling. We too love the “smartness” of things. But as complexity rises, we see the human factor playing a great role. It has an immense effect on engagement.

Keep in mind that employees with 25 or more friends at work feel 69% more engaged. So, while the mobile phone is used the least to actually call somebody, we are here to enable real-life learning session and blended learning.

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Meet the team

  • Mattias Borg Learnifier
    Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jerker Klang Learnifier
    Jerker Klang CTO & Co-Founder
  • Marie Forsberg • Learnifier
    Marie Forsberg Chief Commercial Officer
  • Elias Kanerva Learnifier
    Elias Kanerva Head of Sales
  • Hanna Iversen Learnifier
    Hanna Iversen Head of Customer Success
  • Mona Jönsson Learnifier
    Mona Jönsson Product Manager
  • Ulrika Peyron Head of Marketing
  • Rebecca Cannerfelt Learnifier
    Rebecca Cannerfelt Digital Marketing Manager
  • Joakim Svantesson Learnifier
    Joakim Svantesson Sales Development Representative
  • Gustav Carlsson Learnifier
    Gustav Carlsson Sales Development Representative
  • Martin Johansson Learnifier
    Martin Johansson Senior Business Developer
  • Lars Peterstrand • Learnifier
    Lars Peterstrand Senior Business Developer
  • Niloufar Häger Learnifier
    Niloufar Häger Sales Representative
  • Isabella Delsinger Learnifier
    Isabella Delsinger Sales Representative
  • Marcus Wilberg • Learnifier
    Marcus Wilberg Sales Representative
  • Niklas Högström • Learnifier
    Niklas Högström Key Account Manager
  • Ulrika Skogland Learnifier
    Ulrika Skogland Customer Onboarding Manager
  • Diana Plantin Learnifier
    Diana Plantin Customer Success Manager
  • Erika Bjelfvenstam • Learnifier
    Erika Bjelfvenstam Customer Success Manager
  • Frida Burge Learnifier
    Frida Burge Customer Success Manager
  • Dajana Bubic • Learnifier
    Dajana Bubic Customer Success Manager
  • David Berg Learnifier
    David Berg Customer Success Hero
  • Ester Andersson Learnifier
    Ester Andersson Customer Engagement Specialist
  • Magnus Andersson • Learnifier
    Magnus Andersson Senior Engineer
  • Michele Dorigatti Learnifier
    Michele Dorigatti Support Engineer
  • Erika Stiebel Learnifier
    Erika Stiebel Frontend Developer
  • Johan Casserfelt Learnifier
    Johan Casserfelt Software Developer
  • Niklas Wikström • LearnifierNiklas Wikström • Learnifier
    Niklas Wikström Lead Frontend Engineer
  • Pawel Minkina Fullstack Developer
  • Philip Lekström Learnifier
    Philip Lekström Product Designer
  • Cornelia Norén Learnifier
    Cornelia Norén Sales Representative
  • Gabriella Eriksson Learnifier
    Gabriella Eriksson Customer Success Manager
  • Mia Lundman Learnifier
    Mia Lundman Integration Project Manager
  • Tamer Khairy Learnifier
    Tamer Khairy Sales Representative Norway
  • Teodor Sternäng Senior Sales Representative
  • Piotr Gryta Backend Engineer
  • Are you next? What should your title be?

Stats that makes us happy

IN 2022:
  • 15,042 NEW COURSES were created
  • 231,357 USERS started a course
  • 1,413,684 LOGINS were made
  • every minute 1472 logged in to learn something
  • 89,655 HOURS was invested to learn something new*
  • 157 COUNTRIES of origin found amongst the users
* the time spent learning online in Learnifier

A personal promise

Learning is what makes us grow. I believe that in order to lead a happy life growth is key. I want to grow, I want our team to grow, and I want to see you grow. Our mission is to create a nifty little software tool - with all the complexities contained within - that helps you and people around you grow. When you start working with us I promise you that growth will happen by transforming the way you learn. Mattias Borg CEO & Co-Founder

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