It all started here.

Suddenly, I found myself standing in front of a wooden cabinet as my colleague reached into one of the drawers and grabbed a bunch of papers. They were handed over to me. Looking down at a ten-page paper questionnaire, I could not help but feeling frustrated, and at the same time, thinking that this must be a great business opportunity.
A couple of weeks later, I founded Learnifier together with two other passionate learners.
All of this seems as ages ago, but it was only back in 2006, as I walked into the office of a world-leading training company to pick up the materials for an upcoming training session. Today we have helped companies in more than 17 countries to develop their course offerings to be competitive in the new learning landscape.
We are now determined to be a key player as the ongoing paradigm shift in learning unravels.

Mattias Borg, CEO

Our story


The company was founded 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our first product, Rebox, was released in 2007 and has since then been used for delivering high-quality assessments in more than 20 languages all over the globe.

Over these years, we have always been working closely with training companies and helping them develop their digital and online businesses.


In 2010, we started working on Learnifier with the ambition of changing the way in which training companies would operate.

Since then, we have seen amazing things happen for online learning and how knowledge is spread between individuals and organizations.


In 2011, we launched our first version of Learnifier. We are now fully focused on playing an integral part of the shift in how people are learning and developing.

With Learnifier, we aim to help our clients strengthen their businesses and use this shift to theirs as well as their clients’ advantage.

We are learners. We love to learn. We believe that how people learn is about to fundamentally change. We want to play an important role in that shift and make sure that more people become passionate about learning. Just as we are.