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    Make Preboarding A Communal Process – 3 Ways To Involve The Whole Office

    Preboarding is a vital step in retaining the enthusiasm of a new recruit up until their first day of work. It inspires the new hire to be a productive part of the team even before he or she has officially started. It also eases them into the job by preparing them with information and helping them build relationships early. Knowing the benefits of preboarding you’ve probably already pitched a preboarding program to your employer, and he or she is positive towards implementing such processes. So now that the boss is on board, how can you involve the rest of the organization?

    Here are 3 ways you can involve your colleagues in the pre-boarding process.

    1. Ask Each Colleague To Contribute With Their Unique Skill Set

    Firstly, take a look at the whole organization. It is made up of individuals with different skill sets and perspectives, who comes together beautifully and creates a platform for problem-solving and co-creating. Each individual can contribute in some way that will benefit the pre-boarding process, your job is to figure out how. How about you send out an email, asking how each employee wants to participate in pre-boarding the new hire? This is a good way of giving them agency of their contribution and inspiring them to come up with unique ways in which they can help the process. Someone might be great at editing video-editing, someone else might be good at connecting like-minded people. Did you try this, but found that the responses were not as many as you would have hoped? Try observing each colleague at work and ask them if they want to contribute with their special skills that you have picked up on. Not only is this very flattering, but it will also inspire them to play their part in the program.

    You might also be met with questions such as ”isn’t pre-boarding HR’s responsibility?” If asked this, remind your colleagues that pre-boarding is only effective if it is implemented communally, and not if a single person or department is burdened with full responsibility.

    2. Implement An Open Door Policy

    Secondly, involve the whole office by implementing an open door policy. Many new recruits express that it is comforting to know that they can easily reach out to their new colleagues if they have any questions or concerns. Since many companies today utilise a digital tool for pre-boarding, the open door policy is more likely to be an open chat room policy on the digital platform. Whether done digitally or irl, this serves as a great way to connect new hires with their senior colleagues. Being able to communicate with your colleagues before entering the workplace will inspire an openness in the workplace culture that allows for new hires to quickly adapt to the office climate. It will also cut down on the onboarding process which is often prolonged by the new employee’s inability to connect with the colleagues, and therefore the workplace culture as well.

    When telling your colleagues about the new open door policy, remind them that this will mainly serve as symbolic and that their new co-worker will be able to find most answers in the company’s general information material that they have already received. Therefore, they will not have to worry about not having time, instead, they should view this as a prime opportunity to get to know their new colleague.

    3. Preboarding IRL – Invite Them To The Office!

    Lastly, preboard IRL by inviting your new recruit to join you at the office! By inviting them to partake in drinks after work and even certain meetings, they will feel welcomed and start forming important workplace relationships before they actually start working at the office. Networking with colleagues is one of the most important parts of preboarding, and many companies choose to do this digitally using a digital tool for pre- and onboarding. If your company utilizes a digital platform, we still recommend that you combine digital interaction with real-life meetings. Getting to match names to faces, and conversing with your soon to be colleagues, is a great way of breaking the ice and will definitely shorten the onboarding process. You can even assign your new hires to existing employees so that they can set up a time for shadowing. Shadowing a colleague for an entire day, or even just a few hours, is the perfect way to learn about the work that you soon will be taking part in. Similar to some of the other tips that we have mentioned in this article, this is a time-efficient way of easing in your new hire into the office, as it does not disturb the senior colleague in his/her day of work.

    In conclusion, by making pre-boarding a communal process that involves all the employees, it will guarantee that the new recruit has an easy transition into their new job. It is also time-efficient and gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the process by utilizing their unique skills, without burdening a single person or department at the workplace. All in all, it is the perfect way to improve your Employer Branding and it will definitely leave your new hires with a positive and welcoming impression of your business.

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