Digital Pre-boarding: Start Building Your Employer Brand Before Your New Recruit Has Even Started!

It is a very delicate period of time between recruiting of a new hire and the day he/she actually joins your workplace. This is often a time marked by excitement but also worry and confusion for your recruit who often is unaware of what to expect from their new work environment. Here are some tips on how to turn this time into the perfect opportunity to connect with your new hire and improve your Employer Branding!  

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3 Misconceptions About Emailing New Hires Before Day 1, Debunked!

After an intense negotiation period, you have finally found the candidate you were looking for. The paperwork is in place and Day 1 booked in the calendar. Now, most new recruits are scheduled to start working 2-3 months after signing the contract. During this period questions, concerns, and new ideas can arise. You’ve most likely got preparatory information that you would want to share with your new colleague before their first day at the office. However, many employers hesitate or even refuse to contact their new hires via email before they have officially joined the company. Here are 3 common excuses, debunked!

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Minimize Your Workload: How to Utilize Automation to Make Your Digital Onboarding Time-Efficient and Still Personal

The paperwork is done, and the negotiation process has finally come to an end. You can now relax. Well, maybe if you are the hiring manager, but probably not if you work within HR. The time between the actual recruitment and day 1 is often a few months long. During this period, many companies assign HR managers to pre-board the new by personally communicating with them regularly and sharing important preparatory information with them. This work requires a lot of time and effort but can be made efficient. By digitizing the interaction and automating certain functions, you can minimize your workload immensely. Sounds great, right? Well, according to HRDive the pre- and onboarding programs are actually the most effective when personalized. So how could we utilize our digital platform in a time-efficient manner (using automation), without losing a personal touch?

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7 Examples of Onboarding Videos that Give New Hires a Fun, Strong Start (Worth Talking About)

Video content is key when creating engaging content for your onboarding program. New hires want to experience – and not just read about what to expect and prepare for. Landing a new (perfect) job is emotional experience, and you as an employer would want to confirm and enhance that feeling. So, what kind of videos to include in your pre- and onboarding program? Look no further. Here is some inspiration: 7 videos your new hires will love to see before day 1.

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3 Reasons Why Digital Pre-boarding and Onboarding Are Essential For Managers

Most managers are heavily loaded with both strategic and operative tasks. It includes training staff to make them feel like they’re developing in their roles and within the organization. And it does certainly include getting new employees up and running. Since time does not come in abundance, digitizing capacity building will streamline not just the manager’s job, but also the staff’s. 

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Sales Representatives

EdTech-bolaget Learnifier är i en scale-up fas med kunder i 25 länder och nästan en miljon användare per år. Vi är det naturliga valet för pionjärer som på ett modernt sätt vill dela kunskap, utbilda och kommunicera med såväl medarbetare, kunder och partners. Vill du vara med på resa?

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