Want to see more best practices, gather your team, and optimize your Learnifier activities?

Then you want to do what Handelshögskolan Executive Education did.

They dedicated 2 x 3 hours for 2 workshops. Our learning expert Abbe happily joined them at their location.
They gave him a mic, invited him on stage. Filmed the whole workshop (repetition is great).
Asked key questions that address daily challenges. Got answers and tips on new and smarter ways to do things.
And practiced on the spot.  

The purpose of such a workshop:
To further upgrade your knowledge of course creation and maximize the usage of Learnifier.


Would it be of value to you and your team to know more of the following:  

  • Best practices
  • Revisit how Learnifier is structured and best used
  • Learnifier roles and how they are beneficial
  • Blended Learning and why it’s a powerful delivery method
  • Train and build courses in Learnifier with an expert at your side
  • Discover features that impact performance and save you time


Additionally – needless to say – you get to ask any question – big or small.
It could be questions like:

  • How to share and “recycle” great course content across courses – so that you can launch quicker?
  • How to align all course stakeholders and make sure they collaborate with the same goal in mind?”
  • And more…


Book a workshop

We offer customized workshops for our customers and would love to hear from you if this is interesting for you. For booking and more info please contact:  

Abdallah Mohamed (Abbe)
+46 (0) 763060313