Making course management smoother and even more powerful! 3+1 new features launching on September 27

We have been working on some improvements to the course admin interface over the last six months. Our focus have been on improving how you can manage Events and Assignments (previously Uploads). During this time, we have also built an entirely new Reporting tool. We have made this update based on the feedback we have received from all of you on how to improve the features and make them even more useful. The new Reporting feature is also a big step forward and it lays the foundation for a future where we see reporting and analytics becoming an even more integral part of Learnifier. Let’s take a look at these new additions one at a time!

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Edit your video directly in Learnifier

We think that video is the most important media within Learnifier. We are constantly working on improvements on how to make this better and how to support this media in a better way. For us, it is important to make it easier for you to add and use video in your courses. We have met with a lot of people that aspires to use Videos as the main media in their Learnifier courses but they don’t know how they’ll edit their videos. There have been a fair bit of questions regarding what editing program they should buy to be able to edit videos on their computer.

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More power to the Course Instructor! Launching a New Instructor interface on June 5th.

We have received quite a lot of feedback on the Instructor interface; two examples are that an Instructor should be able to access more course information and be able to send emails from Learnifier to course participants. We have therefore created a new version of the Instructor interface that looks more like the Administrator interface. This means that Instructors will see the same project layout as Administrators do, but will have access to less features than the Administrators. Let’s take a look at the new instructor interface!

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Meet the new Learner Interface

For some time we have been wanting to make an update of the Learner experience in Learnifier. The last major update was a few years ago so it was time to look into how we could make it even better. We started from scratch and collected feedback from our users. From the information we got, we identified what was good with the current version of the Learner interface, and what we needed to improve and add in the new version. After we were satisfied with the design sketches, the developers started to do what they do best – code! Now, after four months of development and weeks of testing and Q&A, we are happily announcing that the new Learner interface is ready for launch!

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Available Now: Registering Attendance

Reduce your course administration by using the latest update that enables Learners to register their attendence for your events directly in Learnifier!

New feature: Registering attendance to Events in a Course
It’s now possible for Learners to register their attendance for events right in the Learner interface by answering ”yes”, ”no” or ”tentative”. In the Administrator interface you will then be able to see this information, and if needed change their answer, in the Projects Events-tab.

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Assignment Upload – the latest addition in the Course Builder!

A new feature has been added in the Course Builder which we call Assignment Upload. If you want this add-on activated in your Learnifier account, please contact

You can now start using this new feature which makes it possible for your Learners to upload documents in an activity in your Course. Add it to your Course by drag-and-droping Assignment Upload, located under Functionality, into an activity.

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