Meet the new Learner Interface

For some time we have been wanting to make an update of the Learner experience in Learnifier. The last major update was a few years ago so it was time to look into how we could make it even better. We started from scratch and collected feedback from our users. From the information we got, we identified what was good with the current version of the Learner interface, and what we needed to improve and add in the new version. After we were satisfied with the design sketches, the developers started to do what they do best – code! Now, after four months of development and weeks of testing and Q&A, we are happily announcing that the new Learner interface is ready for launch!

Why are we updating the Learner interface?
According to us, the Learner experience is the most important part in Learnifier, because this is where the learning actually happens (which is really the purpose, right;)). So the learner experience, both what it looks like and how it works, is at the core of our mutual success. That is first and foremost the reason why we felt an urge to make an overhaul of the experience. Furthermore, another reason, more internal in it’s nature, is that the technology the old Learner interface was built on was a bit outdated and by re-building it from scratch we can now add new features easier and faster, beneficial to both you and us .

We have only made minor functional changes at this stadge, which is a conscious decision. We want all our clients and Learners to get comfortable with the new design and we want to really make sure that the groundwork is great before we start adding in the new features. But we promise that they will keep coming later this year.

How will the new interface look? What changes has been made?
As mentioned earlier, we developed the new interface from scratch. So the whole Learner experience has gotten a face lift and the interface now have an even cleaner design.
Below is a description of the most important changes we’ve made this far:

My Courses page
On the new My courses page we’ve added three folders that are useful when you have Learners that participate in multiple courses. These folders will solve the problem with a very long list of courses!

“Completed courses” will list all courses that the participants has completed.
“Archived courses” will list the courses that the Learners has chosen to archive by clicking on the icon that appears in the bottom right corner when hovering a course.
“Expired courses” list the courses in which the expiration date has passed.
Intro page in a course
At the intro page in a course we moved the Learning Plan to minimise the risk that Learner would not see it. We got feedback that Learners liked the Learning Plan, but we saw that Learners sometimes did not see that it was there. We also moved the list over people involved in the course, both instructor and learners, from the People tab to the intro page to add a personal touch early in the course. By clicking on a person in the list a menu will appear to the left with the person’s contact information (email, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn).

Design of activities and content
Now when Learners complete an activity, a button will appear to the right that tells the Learners that the activity is completed and that they can proceed to the next activity in the course. Which they can do by clicking on the button!

The Resources tab has been updated with the possibility to filter the list by material type and tags. The Learner can choose to see the resources organised in a list or grid by clicking on the two options in the top right corner.

In the Discussions tab are all messages gathered, both Announcements from the Instructor and Discussion posts in the course. The Discussion posts can be read as a stream or by activity.

Settings och Support
In the new Learner interface, Settings and Support are located under the Learner’s account menu. By clicking on your name and profile picture a menu will appear with the two options Settings and Support.

Preview your courses in the new interface
If you have an account in Learnifier you can preview the new interface by logging into your account and add /leweb at the end in the URL, like this: companydomain.learnifier.com/leweb. By doing this you will be able to see how the courses you are a participant in will look, and of course also get the live experience of the changes described above. Note! You need to be added as a course participant in the course you want to preview.

How will Learner’s be introduced to the new interface?
We will present a three step guide to the Learners that has taken a course in the old version of the Learner interface once they login into the new one. This guide contains information about the most important changes we’ve made in the new Learner interface. Learners that has not seen the old version will just login as usual and will not be presented to the three step guide.

When will we get the new Learner interface activated in our company’s Learnifier account?
The new version of the Learner interface is available from 1st of June. The person responsible for your company’s Learnifier account has been contacted about scheduling a date for when you want to switch from the old Learner interface into the new one. This will happen on 31th of August at the latest. If you are wondering about the exact date, please contact your fellow colleagues.

Any further questions?
Contact the Learnifier team at support@learnifier.com