Partnership makes perfect

One of the core ideas is for Learnifier to act as a hub on which tomorrow’s learning activities and programs can be built. So being a partner with us means that you can choose to offer Learnifier to your clients and also build upon Learnifier to bring your client’s usage of Learnifier to its full potential.

Solution Providers

Becoming a Solution Provider you can re-sell Learnifier within your assigned territory. Furthermore you help Learnifier customers, existing and new ones, to start using Learnifer. Many of your clients might need help with understanding with how to most effectively use Learnifier but also need your assistance with developing learning content.

Online Learning Content Developers

If you are in the business of developing online content and are looking for channel through which you can reach your target audience you have come to the right place. In becoming a partner with us you not only get the opportunity to sell and market you already existing content, you also get access to the Learnifier API through which you will be able to build anything that you can dream up while still being tightly integrated with the unique Learnifier experience.

Services Partners

Services partners help Learnifier customers with the enterprise and global enterprise plans to deploy and integrate Learnifier with their other applications. These organizations are trained extensively on the Learnifier way and committed to helping customers quickly achieve their desired business results. The expertise of our services partners includes business-process design, project management, change management, solution configuration, systems integration, web services integration and application management.

Learnifier makes integrations a core differentiator, with the belief that the 21st century enterprise will require seamless interoperability between its various technology platforms in order to enable the business to operate at its full potential.

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